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If you are interested in buying a domain/ email address make your purchase proposal for the domain/ email address, once we agree we will sign a purchase contract for the domain/ email address and after paying it by bank transfer / wire transfer or Pay Pal.

We then  transfer it.


If you are interested in leasing a domain/ email address, the first year will be 50% of the monthly value and after a year, the final payment of 50% from the value at which it will transfer the domain.


In addition to the lease and sales service domain/email address, we provide:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Hosting services
  • System Administration
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • WPO (Web Performance Optimization)
  • visit:


If you have a domain/email address portfolio, large or small, and are interested in putting on sale we can help through our website.

* Valuation of each domain/email address portfolio

Up to 100 domains/email address £1.00 / per domain
From 101 to 1000 domains/email address £0.50 / per domain
More than 1001 domains/email address £0.25 / per domain

There will be a commission on sales of domains/email address:

a) If the sale is made through the web, the commission will be 10% with a minimum of £100.00 per domain/email address sold.

b) If a sale is made pro-actively in a domain/ email address, at the express request of the owner, the commission will be 15% with a minimum of £250.00 per domain/email address sold.