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Cherished Emails

There’s a fairly straightforward three stage process for buying one of our domain/emails addresses:

Make An Offer  –  Negotiate A Price  –  Finalise The Deal

Make An Offer

Initially you’re required to show your interest in a domain/email address  by making an offer to buy it. All of the domain/email address listed have a minimum offer price which you should use as a guide as to open negotiation. We can only consider offers made in GBP, UK

The Make Offer minimum price is to show the buyer what our lowest expectations are for a sale price. Due to the subjective nature of domain/email address valuations, plus market fluctuations and other factors we do not provide Buy It Now (BIN) prices for our domain/email addresses. It is simpler to value a domain/email address at the time of purchase, so for these reasons prices are all negotiable.

If you choose to make an offer below the minimum expected level then it’s likely that we’ll disregard it unless you can convince us through your additional comments that our valuation is too high.

Use the comments section of the Make Offer form to include any questions you have, or to mention other domains of interest. Once you’ve submitted an offer you should receive a confirmation email; if you don’t please contact us as we may not have received your offer.

Negotiate A Price

Once you submit an offer we’ll give it prompt consideration and then contact you to let you know if we are accepting or rejecting your offer. Acceptance will lead to us finalising the deal, rejection will mean that we are asking you to increase your offer to an indicated level based on our valuation.

If we do reject your offer it will only be after we have given close consideration to the domain in question and see a higher value. We consider many factors as part of the evaluation, but some of the more obvious ones are average order size, traffic potential, keyword popularity, advertiser competition and many other factors.

The domain/email address valuations that we provide in response to your offer will usually lie within the price-band indicated for the domain/email address, but may therefore be significantly higher than the Make Offer minimum price. It is possible that occasionally we may value a domain/email address higher than its indicated price-band. We try to avoid this situation, but with a large portfolio it’s impractical to try and keep on top of individual fluctuations in value.

Finalise The Deal

Now that we’ve agreed a deal we need to complete payment and then transfer ownership of the domain/email address. We’ll ask you to provide us with your name and address to use on your invoice, plus confirm which email address to use for the registrant transfer.

You’ll then receive an acceptance email from us with a copy of your invoice and also payment details to pay us via online transfer/BACS. We will also accept payments via PayPal, but only for transactions up to a maximum of £500.00 plus you’ll be required to pay an additional 3.5% over the agreed price to cover fees. If you are buying one of our Premium Domains/emails then you may also arrange to use an escrow service to complete payment if you prefer. We can only accept escrow transactions in GBP, and any currency exchange or handling fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Once we have received your funds then we are able to initiate the registrant transfer process. This is an automated process for .uk domains and can usually be completed very quickly. You’ll receive an email from Nominet UK asking you to accept the transfer of the domain and also which IPS TAG that you want your domain transferred too. The IPS TAG will be one that belongs to your current domain registrar; you’ll need to know this to complete transfer. There is a full list of Nominet registrars and their IPS TAGS available on the Nominet UK website. We can help with the transfer process if necessary.

You’ll also be required to pay the registrant transfer fee which is currently £10.00 plus VAT as part of the transfer process, plus acceptance of the Nominet UK Terms & Conditions. Once complete you will have full ownership and control of the domain.

To check price and availability of your chosen email address, please use the contact details below and we will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours from your enquiry.

Kind regards

The Cherished  Emails Team