Leasing a good email address @cherishedemails address is directly equivalent to leasing real-life property or land. By leasing an email address, you gain the exclusive right to use that email address until such time as you wish to end the contract. Email leasing allows you the use of a premium email address at a competitive monthly cost, rather than paying a prohibitive one-off fee to purchase the rights to an email address.
What are the key benefits of leasing an Email address?

A recognisable email address immediately generates a heightened market presence.
Let’s others see you have style, not just the ordinary character, in fact there is not that much difference in  a private number plate, only the emails address can be used worldwide.

Leasing an emails address is a form of instant branding.

Good email addresses quickly and effectively create impact through all your existing marketing channels, saving money by reducing on-line marketing costs.

Email address leasing is cost-effective.

When cash flow is a concern, a long-term lease is infinitely preferable to a large, up-front investment. This is particularly useful for new start-ups, or for short-term advertising campaigns. Additionally, as with leasing houses or cars, Email address leasing is 100% tax-deductible.

Leasing with

Your security is a key concern for us. Our contracts allow you to immediately experience the benefits of owning an email address whilst offering you considerable legal protection. We offer:

Rolling contracts which give you indefinite first refusal on an email address.

The ability to cancel your contract at any time and without penalty with just 30 days’ notice.

All setting which are changed at top level, making setting up new email addresses.

Robust and legally binding contracts which give you control over your lease.

Security of fixed monthly payments

Your payments will be clearly explained and fixed according to your lease agreement, helping you:

Ease the pressure on your cash flow and free up valuable funds for investment in other areas

Know exactly where you stand on a month to month basis

Decide the best payment option – standing order, debit or credit card with Paypal